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Rocco Cuts to the Chase

Rocco was eager to see his new room. His parents had told him that it was filled with his favourite things.

He could not wait.

In the lift, he had trouble containing his excitement. He moved so much that it shook.

"Rocco, you don't want the lift to stop do you?" asked Daddy.

"No, I don't!" he answered and stopped jumping immediately.

He kept very still and held his breath. Just before he ran out of breath, the lift reached the twenty-second floor.

He let out a loud sigh of relief and took deep breaths. His heart was racing.

Mummy couldn't stop laughing quietly to herself as she observed him.


"What colour is our door, Mummy?" he asked anxiously.

"Blue." Mummy replied, still holding back her laughter.

Rocco sprinted towards the only blue door on the floor. It looked much bigger than the door at their old home.

"Please hurry, Daddy!"

Daddy quickened his pace and opened the door as fast as he could.

Rocco helped him push it wide open.


He was amazed at how shiny the house looked.

"Where's my room, Mummy?"

"Come." she said, holding out her hand.


The walk from the living room to his room seemed like it would never end.

"A yellow door!"

Rocco loved yellow.

He turned the knob and went in.

He stood there in complete silence, eyes circling every wall and corner.

It was the best room in the world. The walls were painted with circus clowns, acrobats, tents and a laughing audience.

His bed was a yellow convertible. When he stood at the right distance, one clown looked like it was in the passenger seat and the other in the backseat.

His eyes and mouth widened as he took everything in.

"Do you like it?" asked Daddy.

Rocco nodded, mouth still agape.

"This must be the best room in the world." he replied.

It was like he had stepped into a dream. His favourite place on earth, in his room.

"Mummy?" Rocco called out, as he stood stunned with disbelief.


"Can I still sleep in your room tonight?"

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