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                                                                                                               June 2024

 childish Gambino, Donald Glover's

gutsy second self, enthrals again

with his latest music video,

"Little Foot Big Foot." This gem fuses

old-timey charm with contemporary

pep to clinch The top spot, six

years after the internet-breaking

"This is America".

Little Foot Big Foot Sceenshot EDIT.png

The wee flick starts with Childish Gambino and his crew, "Johnny and the Pipes, stepping

up to a nightclub for their one shot at fame. Trouble permeates the air, and

the cautionary words from the blunt "door bitch" amplify the hostility. Shaking off

the uneasiness, Johnny and the Pipes waste no time and seize their moment. The polarity

between the dour room and spirited performers, drive the dramatic tension,

at the onset, forward.

   Gambino's performance, combining old-school and new-school puissance, is a masterclass in showmanship. Underscoring the tenacity of a multitude of disciplines, the trio rip the floor apart and the roof off the venue.  


  Power-collaborators Gambino and Hiro Murai pay homage to the legacy of African-American performers like Beyoncé and Cab Calloway by cleverly positioning an upbeat melody in a sepulchral time. From doubt to victory, the mini reel mimics the reality of what it takes to succeed.  


Persevering at all costs.

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