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Betraying norms, the efficacious duo, Sissy and Sassy of House of Haute Mess, are changing the notions of drag with unrivalled creativity. Their intelligent and hysterical send-ups are fashion-focused, which make them so unique, that we had to honour them.

A side-splitting referencing of Alfred Hitcock's 'The Birds'

Have you taken out your pen and paper yet? This is a masterclass. Note-taking is advised.

Hailing from Singapore and Japan, Alfri Mohd Yusoff and Takuma Tanaka are a power couple illustrating a healthy, fun, creative, collaborative, respectful and loving biz and beau union with the use of dexterity. A merchandiser by day, Alfri is the archetype of an artist who does it all - sings, sews, plays instruments, designs, dances, is level-headed and funny. Taku, an equal match, is a banker who sings, acts, dances, choreographs and, is every artist's dreamboat, a star at finances.

Running to daytime jobs, sprinting to nighttime gigs, sourcing for materials for costumes, stitching costumes, travelling for inspiration, networking and dealing with families, friends, expectations and responsibilities in-between, this high-octane twosome is only showing signs of slowing up with chauffeured ingenuity. We are out of breath just typing it. A full-finger work-out right there.

Where they find the energy to do so much within twenty-four hours is a nagging mystery? They are good with the numbers, so we are not surprised. This is excellent time management on steriods, ladies and gentlemen, so if you would like to witness the maddening fecundity, real or reel, catch them live or visit their socials for updates.

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