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Updated: Jul 7

Set to return in September 2024 with a follow-up single, "Light.", BODEE's lyrics carry deeper messages that challenge the current limitations of pop. Each song, simultaneously gentle and weighty, is only released when it is time to. This particular brand of patience and attention are a testament to the artistry that enable BODEE to produce music for those who seek answers.

'Light" is the second instalment of ruminative singles which will keep BODEE's place in Spiritual Pop. Through artists like BODEE, appreciators are pointed to a route of self-analysis. Each single provides them an opportunity to break away from quotidian thoughts and lose themselves in a philosophical soundscape.

If you long for music that will transport you to a meditative state and the inner you, consider the magnetism of BODEE—an evolving artist who is lighting the way with wisdom from a thousand years ago and musicality from a more recent time, with the inclusion of today.

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